Once I saw datalakes with billions of numbers without a label, and I cried. In decision making you don't need numbers, you need to know what those numbers are measuring. You need data delivering information. The Greek Pi is not 3.14, it is a measure of immeasurable.

We process your data to make them informative and consistent. We structure and document them, we check their quality and whether they are fit for use. We integrate them with open-source data, with statistical surveys or collecting new information from around the web to understand and control over the environment around you.

We use the best data modelling techniques to let your data tell stories. To describe, forecast, understand. To get an overview of your business and to measure the KPIs along multiple dimensions. To automate processes and predict behaviours thanks to the innovations of artificial intelligence. To explain things: ‘cause sometimes you don't need to predict the future but to understand how to change it.

Our core business is having many cores, because Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence can't do everything. Sometimes you need to model your data as a simple indicator that can inspire your strategies. Sometimes you want to automate something complicated thus we train you a deep Neural Network. Sometimes you want to understand the mechanisms thus we give you the best of cause-effect analysis.

Turning data and models into value it's up to the decision maker. To help this, we offer business intelligence and dimensional analysis tools, even though to be trendy we should say dashboards. If you are looking for a dashboard as shiny but not as pricey as a trinket, knock once, our keys are cost-effective and content-effective.

We also offer you scenario analyses, since the future is faster than you think and to anticipate it is key. This it's up to the decision maker, too: we help you support it with simulations that you can play with, to understand how different strategies interact with different market conditions.