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Our specialty: managing the Data Science Life Cycle from kick-off to close-out. Starting from the data – those you already have and those we procure to you –, feeding them into the most appropriate models, integrating the results directly into your business process. All this without going through 50k mega-softwares: we base everything (well, almost everything) on ​​open-source software and on solutions developed by us. All the examples (or almost!) that you will see if you browse our portfolio are happily under 20k.

You a large company? You probably already do this job, and you know it costs an arm and a leg. Contact us, you may be interested in a more agile alternative. If you are a small and medium-sized business and you understand that with your data you could do many things, but you do not know where to start from, contact us: we are your gateway to the value of data.

Thanks to data mining on the company data warehouse, the MarinoBus transport company was able to identify new commercial targets.

In this project the goal is to reconstruct a conceptual map on social acceptance on Unmanned Vehicles, with focus groups, surveys, scraping and social listening.

With Technos Group, a leading company in business consultancy in the large-scale retail sector, we have developed a system of Artificial Intelligence suggestions to speed up and make the reclassification of accounting items more consistent

For a long time the independent managed auto parts market has catalogued products one by one, by hand. In the 21st century, speaking of spare parts, it is literally time for a man-machine replacement.