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Our first experience with Big Data dates back to when Big Data were… small. We worked on the use for statistical purposes of administrative data coming from public institutions. Our topics concern the labour market, pensions and the relationships between work and health.

The services we provide are consultancy on technical aspects ranging from data integration, data documentation and data quality, to the design of indicators and dashboards for monitoring territories and markets.

We also provide study and research services, in collaboration with the University of Turin and with the Laboratorio Revelli - Centre for Employment Studies, a non-profit organisation that has been promoting research on these issues for over twenty years.

The digitization of archives allows institutions and companies to preserve their information assets in a more efficient and sustainable way. However...

Green Economy: through a touchscreen visitors were able to dynamically explore ISTAT and SILP data concerning the sustainable economy in Italy.

 We are helping UBI-Lab with an Agent-based Model providing scenario analyses to answer new questions from new points of view

We have designed a survey to help Agenzia Piemonte Lavoro build a map for Employment Centres

 Which studies are more important than those on these issues? The University of Turin, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and the Epidemiology Service of the Piedmont Region, has created the WHIP-Health database for monitoring and studying the relationships between work and health histories in Italy.