Advanced Analytics

Analytics is the process of discovering and interpreting patterns in the data. This is what we do. We added an "Advanced" to it to avoid jumping to the "power of artificial intelligence" rhetoric. Do you need a deep learning algorithm to find a pattern? We have it. We applied them to find patterns in images, texts, financial data. Is it better to use some old-school econometric method? We have it, too: we are an academic spin-off, after all. The key is to keep in the garage both the sports and the city car. And possibly also a good pair of hiking boots, in case your aim is a mountain.

Data science today means to be innovative in procuring new data, for instance because the information you need is not yet available. Our long expertise goes from official statistics and open data repositories, data that you scrape or buy somewhere on the internet to field surveys pairing traditional CATI and web-based interviews to web and social listening.

To support what-if and scenario analyzes, we develop microsimulations and Agent Based Models to study complex systems or support public or commercial policies.

The C-Box

Sempre più i servizi ti vengono offerti sul Cloud. Che è comodo, ma può anche rallentare i tuoi processi, essere un limite


We come from the University, we have the habit of teaching. We participate in many masters on different nuances of data science, organised with the University of Turin and other national and international partners. All aiming at proposing applied training courses, because you learn by studying but above all by doing.

Metro-Polis also offers personalised consulting and training courses, for those customers who want to take a closer look at the world of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

We strive for making digital transformation truly inclusive by sharing our know-how, to create participatory supplier-customer relationships and to ensure that anyone can be an active actor of the data-driven society.