Academics and policy makers call it evidence-based policy. In businesses, today's mantra is data-driven decision making. What about tomorrow? Data are going everywhere, but everywhere is not an easy place: you have to hunt for them and select what is appropriate for you. You need to model and understand them, in order to create value and help you take decisions.
Our signature is the mastery of technology paired with the ability to get into contents, to get in tune with your needs. Aiming at the right compromise between cutting-edge technology and interpretability of results.
Machines have the power, we have the view.


Metro-Polis offers innovative products and services in the field of data analysis, to turn data into value. We label what we do as Advanced Analytics, and we aim at bringing the wonderful opportunities now available in the cloud directly at your home, in a "box" integrated with your systems. To avoid that unpleasant situation in which you have to move all your home to the cloud, just to have that new something as a service.
And we like to teach what we do. Why? Because we like it. And because keeping secrets it's a way to sit and stay, loosing the pleasure of snooping around.


We like to let everyone play, which is why Metro-Polis targets both private companies and public institutions.

To be honest, we also like to play by ourselves on new projects, just because they intrigue us. This allows us to always imagine new business intelligence applications, to test the latest technologies and, why not, to transform an idea into a service, anticipating market demands.